Reduction in Consumption


Briefly, we explain to you how our add-on electronic EcoMod works: the microprocessor intercepts and processes two parameters, the injection pressure (directly) and the opening time of the injectors (indirectly). Modifying these parameters, the atomization of the diesel fuel in the combustion chamber is improved. Basically, the amount of diesel fuel's droplets has been injected into the cylinder (if 10 droplets were previously injected, then after installation 15 smaller droplets will be injected). Therefore, the contact surface between fuel (diesel) and oxidizer (the oxygen in the air) increase.

Increasing the yield of the organic thruster we improve the efficiency of fuel combustion, thus simultaneously you obtain both an increase in performance and a decrease in consumption. Basically, it is like trying to dissolve the sugar cube rather than powder sugar. In the same lapse of time,the powder sugar will dissolve completely, on the contrary the sugar cube will leave residues on the bottom.

This is because the contact surface between water and sugar cube is limited only by the outer surface of the 6 faces, while the powder's surface is wider (if we imagine to stretch it on a table we see how much it can be extended).

Increasing the contact surface, the injected fuel is burned and the particles of unburned fuel decrease, while previously they could not be used for the propulsion because they were not burned, and therefore they were expelled through the exhaust pipe fumes. Thanks to our electronic control unit EcoMod, for the same workload (eg:130 km/h on the highway fixed) the engine consumes up to 25% less of diesel fuel, reducing the gasoline costs.

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