Frequently Asked Questions


 1) Does consumption really decrease up to 25%?

 Certainly, many models can reach this saving. In any case, the same driving style prior to the installation of the module must be maintained.   In fact, a better fuel atomization will allow a better combustion from the energy point of view. Improving performance, for the same load of the engine, the amount of fuel injected to equal it will be less. All this means a reduction up to 15% of diesel oil consumption.

  2) How much will the performance of my car increase? 

The power and the torque of your car will increase by over 25%. In fact, by improving the efficiency of the engine, the power and the torque will also improve, always at your disposal as soon as you press the gas pedal.

 3) Does your module compromise reliability? 

The control unit works in total safety both for the mechanical parts and for the electrical system and the electronic components of the car. The engine is designed to support much greater powers, and also by acting on the optimization of some parameters, it remains well below the design limits. Furthermore, the control unit is equipped with a protection device that, when you try to exceed the maximum threshold, it activates a recovery system to protect the present and future complete reliability of the car.

 4) Is it difficult to install it? 

The installation of the module is very quick and comes with a manual for installation, except for some kind of engines requiring disassembly of some details in order to have access to the rail pressure sensor. In any case, we have a number of installers throughout the national territory, which arrange the assembly and regulation in an immediate and professional way.

 5) Will the car have the typical black smoke when accelerating as with some remapping? 

The control unit operates in such a way that is does not affect the emissions of the car, hence black smoke or excess of particulate from the exhaust are impossible to occur. After the application of the module, the smoking of the car is qualitatively identical to those of the original vehicle.

 6) Is it better to add a control unit or remap your car? 

The control units innovaBox are programmed specifically for engines and they will be installed by design engineers. On the other hand, the remapping of a car is carried out by unskilled personnel, with the result of poor increase in performance or future damage due to mechanical wear on the turbine or other components. Such advantages as ease of assembly, short installation time, competitive price and the reversibility of the operation, the possibility to use it from one vehicle to another, the fact not to be obliged to remap your car before car inspection, are not to be disregarded.

 7) Do you provide direct support? 

Contact us by e-mail or telephone from the Contact section. We provide advice to solve any uncertainty or doubt about component installation.

 8) Why do your modules have such a competitive price? 

Not all companies have their own manufacturing factory, but they are simply marketing a module which is actually produced by other companies. In our case, the procedure between the  manufacturer and the consumer is direct, so the cost is not burdened by intermediation margins.

 9) Why do not car manufacturers directly produce such engines with optimized performance (lower fuel consumption and more reactive engine) that you are able to ensure? 

Unfortunately, the car manufacturers are giants that sell around the world, and their production is standardized. You therefore have substantial tolerance in carburation to compensate different air temperatures (from the equator to the North Pole), chemical composition and cetane number of diesel fuel (different from country to country), absolute certainty that every specimen will show well below the already strict anti-pollution laws (Euro 4, 5 and now also 6).

 10) The warranty of the house remains unchanged? 

Yes, absolutely. The application with original connectors, in fact, does  not leave any trace of intervention on the electrical system of the car and in the case of diagnosis at car inspection. And also no data detected will result abnormal during the inspection phase, since the module always works in a range of values ​​compatible with that of the original control unit. So no previous action on the car will ever be detected.

 11) Are the wire harnesses truly original? 

Of course, all of our connectors are supplied directly by the manufacturers of these components, who  are also supplying the parent company. The compatibility then is 100% guaranteed.

 12) Can the control unit be installed on cars with automatic transmission? 

All models of cars fitted with automatic gearbox are perfectly suitable for the installation of the module. It is specifically designed to take in consideration also this delicate component. The increase in performance and decrease in consumption are exactly the same of similar models though fitted with a manual gearbox. The reliability of the whole car is of course guaranteed in an optimal way.

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