The Production


InnovaBox designs and produces additional units for turbodiesel common-rail cars.

Thanks to the Department of Research & Development inside the company, formed by a team of design engineers who are constantly improving the products, we provide excellence at a not prohibitive price.


The new production facility is equipped with technologically advanced lines, which allow us the production of tens of thousands of copies of electronic modules, always respecting the highest standards.

After molding the PCB, what we might consider the motherboard, we proceed to the assembling of the electronic components (microprocessor, LEDs, buttons, diodes, ...) in SMD, through the use of our automated machinery, as shown in our video section.

The print head of the automatic assembling machine picks up the component from the coil, and analyzes it with a camera. If the piece has any anomalies it is immediately discarded.

Once the assembling is completed, the completed boards slide through the soldering oven. The weld profile (which calculates the temperature's cycle related to time) is composed by 4 stages: preheat, soak, reflow and cooling. In this way, the welding of the components on the printed circuit board is excellent, and any other problems such as the presence of the solder, are avoided.

Then the cards are tropicalized: three layers of special paint are sprayed (of military origins and purposes) which protect the card and its components from particularly high temperatures and humidity, which may be found within the engine compartment.

Afterwards follows the programming of the memory cards, and a first test phase to rule out any cards that present defects or anomalies compared to the required standards.

The tabs are then positioned within the external case, made of Zama (because of its lightness and resistance to corrosion) and provided with specific gaskets. Once the case is closed, the unit is waterproof, enough to be submerged in water for more than a minute.

Finally each box is checked. If it passes all the tests, remaining within strict limits of tolerance provided by our research and development department, it is marked with a unique bar code.

Once the ultimate control test is passed, the electronic control unit is put for sale. In this way, with constant care and attention to all the production stages, we can claim a defect rate inferior to 0.3% and offer a 3 year warranty extendable to 5 years by registering on our website, just in virtue of the excellent quality of the components of our electronic control unit EcoMod.

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