Install Ecomod in 7 to 8 minutes


The installation of the electronic unit for your car is really very simple.

Here are our suggestions for a quick and easy installation:

1Open the hood

2Remove the protective plastic casing of the engine

3Locate the common rail (a metal tube about 30 cm long and 3 cm thick). If you are unable to find it right away, you can locate the injectors which are in the same number of the cylinders. Follow back the metal tubes that unfold from the injectors which will take you directly to the common rail

4Exclusively on common rail, there will be a 3-pin connector equal to the one provided by EcoMod. Unclip and connect the male connector to the female connector of your original unit EcoMod and do the same with the male connector

5Turn on the control panel of the car

6Select the level/season setting recommended for your car

7The installation is finished


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