Ecomod Cleaner


Ecomod lanuches its new product, Ecomod Cleaner is the unblocking additive with super high-performance for turbo diesel engines. It is designed to eliminate sludge and unburned residues and ensure thorough cleaning of the fuel pump and injectors.

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EcoMod is a Ferrari sponsor at the Italian Gran Turismo Championship!

31/05/2015 Monza

Ecomod is Ferrari 458 Italia GT3's official sponsor driven by Luigi Ferrara and Marco Magli by the EasyRace team.

28/06/2015 Imola

Imola's GT3 was very exciting! Our pilot gave us a great show overtaking 28 positions! The official website stated: "Fantastic overtakes by Ferrara, started at the last position due to a problem in the tryouts, already 19th place after the first overtake".

Expocar 2015

15.05.2015 - 17.05.2015, Catania, Sicily.

Ecomod participates to the Expocar 2015, Catania's 19th car and bike show!


16.09.2014 - 20.09.2014, Frankfurt, Germany.

Ecomod participates to the Automechanika fair in Frankfurt receiving great reviews from the foreign operators!

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