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In order to demonstrate the efficiency of EcoMod in terms of fuel economy, our engineers have done some tests at the renowned Corona Diesel’s test bench, which is specialized in the designing and manufacturing of the diesel and petrol injection systems.

The test consists in placing a diesel common rail vehicle on a chassis dynamometer, first without and then with EcoMod installed, keeping a constant rotation speed of the motor. The first step is carried out in fifth gear at 2500 rpm, the second in third gear at 3000 rpm, for a period of 1'30''. The return pipe of the diesel fuel is disconnected (given that the low-pressure pump always takes the same amount of gasoil from the tank, both before and after the installation of the module). The test plans to verify the amount of diesel fuel that is returned by the return pipe to a graduated fuel tank, performing the tests before and after the installation of EcoMod. The exceeding quantity of diesel fuel that will be sent to the graduated tank after the installation, is precisely the amount of savings guaranteed by EcoMod. Following several tests on the performance of EcoMod about the improvement in consumption, here are reported the results of difference in returned liters and increase in horsepower.


ecomod montata pompa smontataEcomod installed on a Fiat Multijet 1.3 Qubo Diesel fuel return pipe disconnected

TEST #1 - 2500 rpm, simulated average speed on highway

Difference in horsepower: 9 % Difference in returned Litres: -22 %

wella 1 wella

TEST #2 - 3000 rpm, simulated uphill mountain road at high number of rpm

Difference in horsepower: 5 % Difference in returned Litres: -29 %

wella 2 wella 3


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Corona Diesel's Test Bench, Sicilia

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